Cast(DON'T EDIT!!!):

  • Adult Simba(From The Lion King) as Manny
  • Cosmo(From Fairy Odd Parents) as Sid
  • Shadow the Hedgehog(From Sonic X) as Diego
  • Meeko(From Pocahontas) as Scrat
  • Adult Nala(From The Lion King) as Ellie
  • Adult Kiara(From The Lion King 2:Simba's Pride) as Teen Pecheas
  • Rocky and Mugsy(From Looney Toons) as Crash and Eddie
  • Mushu(From Mulan) as Louis
  • Adult Kovu(From The Lion King 2) as Ethan
  • Betty-Jo Flynn(From Phineas and Ferb) as Granny
  • Maria Robotnik(Hedgehog form from Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-art) as Shira
  • Scar(From The Lion King) as the captain Gutt
  • Banzai(From The Lion King) as Squint
  • Shenzi(From The Lion King) as Raz
  • Diablo(From Sleeping Beauty) as Silas
  • Gupta as Himself
  • Pete(From Kingdom Hearts) as Flynn
  • Lucifer(From Cinderella) as Boris

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