The Iconians are an ancient species that once inhabited the galaxy 200'000 years ago. As a race, they were characterized by dark, red skin, cranial horns, and long bony chins. There were several subspecies of Iconians, each with its own place in their society. Some were slaves, other were warriors, most were priests and the highest caste of all were the magicians. They ruled a large empire that was comprised of over 200 star systems, 900 planets and thousands of warp-capable vessels. They were characterized as the first Seijins. However, they empire met its demise during a twenty one year war between the Iconian Empire itself and the Iconian Rebels. In the end, the empire and rebellion collapsed and the Iconian escaped to several regions in the galaxy. Most Iconians escaped to worlds such as Ikkabar, DiWahn, and Dynassia. Others escaped in the last Iconian ship that had suffered severe damage. One hundred children were put in stasis shuttles and jettisoned across the galaxy, while the five remainders were were jettisoned to an aquatic planet that would eventually become earth. In 2487, a pair of human archaeologists discovered the five remainders and the ones who remained lived among them on Centauri IV.

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