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The Iconians are an ancient red skinned species that ruled the galaxy over 1 Billion years ago. The Iconians once ruled an empire of 500 worlds with a population numbered ten billion Iconians and one trillion slaves. Then, 1 Billion years ago, a civil war tore the Empire apart. The civil war on one side was the Iconian empire itself and the Iconian Rebels, comprised of 10'000 Iconians and many slave species. In the end, both empires fell and many Iconians were wiped out. They escaped on their remaining ships to other sections of the galaxy. Some of the worlds the remnants colonized were Ikkabar which contain 10'000 people, DiWahn which has 6'000, and Dynassia which also has 6'000. They also colonized a moon orbiting Centauri IV (which has 500). In one remaining ship that orbited a large oceanic planet (which would become earth today) 1'000'000 Iconian children were sent in escape pods across the galaxy. Below, a stasis field encased an Iconian named Kalgrath, who thought he was the last Iconian.

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