tempat taro ide2 yang setengah jadi


black market is not wrong, it is the ultimate revelation of our needs and desire that our concept of morality cannot accept. It is how we deny the truth.


preach tentang bumbelbee. bumbelbee technically cannot fly, like elephant flying by flapping its ear, but because it dont know, it fly. so somethings are better remain unknown, like the sacred topics. no body know what are sacred but the "knight of the righteous" if you ever express your knowledge or curiosity about the sacred topic, intentionally or not, the knight will rehabilate and relocate you. you will be treated with respect, your security and well being will be guaranteed. there are 3 sacred topics: jurisprudence, economic and soul fishing


ceritanya pendatang dari luar yang nyampe ke alexbad, ngeliat itu pulau gede abiz, terus hutan. Emang Almisi dulunya hutan, terus sama mereka buat

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