Shampoo x Woman. Older woman? Hinako or Nodoka respect for women taken to far.


Nabiki x Mousse

Mousse pining for Shampoo as usual. Nabiki eating in the restaurant offers her photography services like she does for Kuno. Catches Shampoo fucking another man, feels sorry for Mousse. Goes out on a mercy date with him, actually has a good time. Time goes on, go on more dates. Mousse no longer is satisfied with just being close to Shampoo, has a bit of a spine so he demands a salary. Actually gets a fairly decent one because Cologne is impressed with his gumption. Now he can afford to take her out on more expensive dates. Takes her to a nice hotel, have dinner, dance, Nabiki suggests they rent a room. Sex scene. Bondage. Nabiki, who is usually in control likes to be taken in bed. Mousse uses his hidden weapons tricks with chains and ropes and things.

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