If Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events it was a Disney movie


  • If it was a Walt Disney movie would be an animated movie (except for the Lemony Snicket scenes who could be in Live-Action).
  • Possibly all the characters in the film (except Lemony Snicket who only is in the Live-Action scenes) will be played by animals instead of humans e.g. the Baudelaire orphans would be a cat (Violet), a dog (Klaus) and a mouse (Sunny) and the villainous Count Olaf would be a fox or a raccon.
  • Count Olaf would be part of the Disney Villains line-up.
  • The film would be part of the Walt Disney Animated Classics list (if was a animated film).

Characters played by animals

  • Violet Baudelaire - a cat
  • Klaus Baudelaire - a dog
  • Sunny Baudelaire - a mouse
  • Count Olaf / Mr. Stephano / Captain Sham - a fox or a raccon
  • The Hook-Handed Man - a wolf
  • Mr. Poe - a toad/frog
  • Constable - a bear
  • Dr. Montgomery Montgomery - a lion
  • Aunt Josephine - a turtle
  • Judge Strauss - a squirrel
  • White-Faced Women - a pig and a sheep
  • Bald Man - a woodpecker
  • The Person of Indeterminate Gender - a duck

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