What if the Loud House characters were characters from the 2005 Remake of King Kong? Here and Explanations/Why

Lincoln Loud as Jack Driscoll - Because: Jack Driscoll is the main character in king kong, alongside kong and Lincoln is always the main character in the Loud House.

Ronnieanne as Ann Darrow - Because: Since Lincoln has a crush/relationship with Ronnieanne, Ann is the love interest of Jack Driscoll and thats why!

Clyde McBride as Carl Denham - Because: Since Clyde loves the world sometimes he brings along his belongings in a way Carl does since in The Remake and First movie he brings a camera to show the world Skull Island.

Leni Loud as Jimmy - Because: Even though Leni is brainless, She wants to be smart and Jimmy is smart but he wants to be like the big guys in the Remake.

Lori Loud as Mr. Hayes - Because: Lori wants everything protected as also protecting her Siblings in a way Mr. Hayes protects Jimmy from being attacked because Sometimes Lori tells Leni the ways of being Smart.

Lisa Loud as Preston - Because: They Both were glasses, they're smart and In one episode were Clyde thought he had a brother, he helped Lisa (not really but Lisa did help him) because Preston is Carl's assistant meaning Lisa is Clyde's Assistant!

Lola Loud as Bruce Baxter - Because: Lola has won several Beuty Pageant contests making her sort of famous, And Bruce Baxter is a famous Movie Star so they're sort of both equal.

Lynn Loud as Lumpy - Because: Whenever Lynn gets mad she gets really Violent because in one scene in the 2005 Remake when they go to a rainforest area filled with big Dragonflys, Lumpy gets all mad and tries to shoot a Dragonfly but Mr. Hayes tells to conserve the anumition but Lumpy Proceeds to shoot one Dragonfly killing it in the Process.

Luna Loud as Choy - Because: Luna gives Lincoln Tips on life meaning she helps her siblings and in the Remake Choy carrys Jack's Belongings to a Animal Crate even though their was no Vacancy Cabin Rooms anymore since they were Booked.

Luan Loud as Herb - Because: In one episode when they saw a burgalor or something, she puts her stuff in the bathroom and Herb helps Carl and Preston so Luan is Clyde's Secomd Assistant.

Lana as Mike - Because: I Had no Choice put for a hat.

Lucy as Captain Englehorn - Because: I Also had no choice.

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