If you had three wishes focusing on Mario, what would they be? is an article where fans can share would they would wish for if they had three wishes focusing on Mario.

FlyingDuckManGenesis' Wishes

1. Release King K. Rool, Cranky Kong, Kremling, Kiddy Kong, Smithy, Wart, and the Seven Koopalings for the mini figures toy line by PopCo.

2. Release a new Mario Party game in which Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are unlockable players.

3. Return Wart and Smithy to the Mario Franchise.

ThomasandMariofan2's Wishes

  1. Make a sequel to Super Mario RPG with Smithy, Mallow and Geno in it.
  2. Bring Bowser to the Popco toy line.
  3. Make another Mario Tv Show which keeps close to the games with no powerup or character name errors.

My Wishes

1:Have Jazwares make a deal with Nintendo to make 3 inch Super Mario figures.

2.Have Archie publish a Super Mario comic series.

3.Have Nintendo make a 3D Super Mario game that returns to the open world style of Super Mario 64.

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