This page is for a place were can post three wishes they would like, relating to Pokemon.

Someone's wishes

  • 1. Make a Pokemon game starting in Kanto, and ending in Unova (with all villainuos teams, Ghethis is in charge of them all, have N return as an ally, original starters, and all 649 Pokemon obtainable with no events)
  • 2. Have the next session of the Pokemon anime to change the characters for the generation.
  • 3. Be able to catch the starters

Dude899's wishes

  • Bring back all of the original voice cast members including Nathan Price to return as Meowth's voice in the new series and movies
  • Make Pokemon 16t he Movie, and release it to DVD and BLu-Ray on September 19, 2014
  • Bring out Burger King kids meal toy sets of the characters from the series

Carsfan360's wishes

  • Bring Back Dawn and Brock as the Main Characters in the whole series
  • Pikachu and Buneary will be happy to see them again
  • Disney may owned the Third Party Characters like Ash and Dawn and their Pokemon in Theme Parks around the world like Star Wars does, Games and Toys

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