Il Sogno: In Concert is a Wiki concert-special crossover based on the operatic-pop singing group, Il Volo, featuring Timmy Turner, Edd "Double-D" Marion, and Ed as Il Sogno (The Dream).



  • Timmy Turner
  • Ed
  • Edd
  • Bubbles Turner (Manager/Timmy's wife)
  • Eddy (Tour Bus Driver/Road Manager)
  • Steven Mercurio (Conductor/Director of the Radio City Concert)
  • Cosmo & Wanda (On Timmy's watch after the concert)
  • Jeanette Miller (Special guest performer for "Constantemente Mia")
  • Simon Seville (Special guest peformer for "Cosi")


  • Ed, Eddward "Double-D" Marion & Timmy Turner had been singing operatic-pop ever since Timmy having his tonsils removed, Edd undergoing throat surgery after Eddy force-fed him his brother's secret hot sauce, and Ed developing it on his own. They had auditioned and competed for "America's Got Talent", finished the show as the runner-up (All because Vicky The Evil Babysitter wouldn't vote for Il Sogno, and Mr. Crocker threatened to give his students permanent summer school if any of them, especially if they're home, tries to vote for Il Sogno), and showing the world that they're not nerds and dorks anymore) While seeing Timmy, Edd, and Ed compete in the AGT finale, duetting with David Foster on piano in "Il Mare Calmo Della Sera", legendary music producer, arranger, and lyrics translator Tony Renis heard them and decided to boost them into superstardom. The 3 boys met with Renis and signed a record deal and recorded their very official first albums known as "Il Sogno" (The Dream), and "Il Sogno: Edicion Espanol" (Spanish version of the same album). Mostly appearing on TV talk shows, and award shows, Timmy, Edd, and Ed decided to put on their very first official concert with a PBS Special called "Il Sogno; The Dream Begins: Live From Radio City Music Hall in NYC", which took 3 weeks of putting together after their visit to Ellen DeGeneres. Timmy chose his beloved girlfriend Bubbles to become the official manager of "Il Sogno", and Ed chose an unenthusiastic Eddy to become the road manager/tour bus driver of the group. So the boys performed an unbelievable concert (with 3/4 of the audience as 13-17 year-old screaming fangirls) which became a major triumph, and after a month, began their first world tour.


  1. Il Mondo
  2. Un Amore Cosi Grande
  3. Splendida
  4. Ti Voglio Tanto Bene (Timmy's Solo)
  5. We Are Love
  6. Questo Amore (I Don't Want To Miss A Thing)
  7. E Piu Ti Penso
  8. Non Ti Scordar Di Me (Edd's Solo)
  9. I Bring You To My Senses
  10. Little Things
  11. O' Sole Mio
  • (Intermission)

12. Painfully Beautiful

13. Smile

14. Angel

15. Musica Proibita (Ed's Solo)

16. Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

17. Il Canto (Tribute To Luciano Pavarotti 1935-2007)

18. Historia De Un Amor

19. El Triste (Tribute To Jose Jose)

20. Mattinata

21. Bienvenido Nuestro Amor

22. Per Te

23. Constantemente Mia (Spanish Version Of "I Bring You To My Senses", Featuring Jeanette Miller)

24. La Luna Hizo Esto

25. Cosi (Featuring Simon Seville)

26. Luna Nascosta (Theme from "Hidden Moon")

27. Surrender (Torna A Surriento)

28. O' Sole Mio (Encore) (Repeat)


Quote 1

  • (Special opens in Brooklyn with Timmy watching Dimmsdale news from his iPad mini riding in the "Il Sogno" tour bus on the way to Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan)
  • Chet Ubetcha on Timmy's iPad: This is Chet Ubetcha saying we've got ourselves breaking news in all of Dimmsdale California, announcing that Il Sogno will be performing tonight in Radio City Music Hall (screen shows Il Sogno performing on the Kid's Choice Awards in unison to him speaking) And this is Chet Ubetcha saying to Il Sogno.... WHY DIDN'T YOU DECIDE TO HAVE YOUR PBS SPECIAL HERE?!!!! WHY--?!!!!!
  • Timmy: *exits TV app* Yeesh, I can't stand that Chet Ubetcha on my local news station. He always annoys the living daylights outta me when it comes to good, bad, and ugly sides of the news.
  • Bubbles: I know, Timmy. He's just a big stinker. They'll get a new anchor on your station.
  • Timmy: Yeah, it better not be Mr. Crocker. He'd make the whole news seem stupid.
  • Edd: But Timmy, I heard Dimmsdale news just reached the agreement with Kent Brockman to replace Chet Ubetcha after he retires next week.
  • Timmy: (annoyed) Ah! It's about time Kent Brockman finally left Springfield and took Ubetcha's job. Heh! Ubetcha was a weirdo.
  • Bubbles: Never mind the news, Timmy. Anyway are you excited to perform in your very first concert, sweetie?
  • Timmy: (happily) You mean OUR very first concert. I'm so pumped up, right, Edd?
  • Edd: I'm excited as much as you, Timmy. I've been singing professionally ever since the aftermath of my throat surgery.
  • Timmy: Yeah, and ever since I had my tonsils removed people in my school don't think I'm a nasally sounding nerd of a dork anymore. You should've seen the girls crowd me with hugs and kisses back in Dimmsdale Elementary yesterday, and it's about time Trixie Tang liked me for once even though I'm married to Bubble-Biscuit and raised 2 children (in reference to Tommy & Tammy Turner), well Trixie snoozed and she lost, big deal! Anyway, learning new languages for our future albums especially this one; our debut album made me feel I'm the smartest kid in Dimmsdale.
  • Edd: And let's not forget our Ed.
  • Timmy: Yeah, Ed somehow absorbed all the languages in the book after a quick spin of the pages in the book.
  • Ed: (In Italian) Fa odore qualcuno toast al burro? (Does anyone smell buttered toast?)
  • Eddy: (While driving the tour bus, feeling annoyed) We're in America, Ed.
  • Ed: (In Spanish) Contarme una historia, Eddy! (Tell me a story, Eddy!)
  • Eddy: Will you ever speak English, Lumpy?!
  • Edd: *taps Ed in the shoulder*
  • Ed: Si, Double-D?
  • Edd: Um, Ed. (In Spanish) Respeten Eddy por favor, no comprende diferentes idiomas como nosotros.. (Please respect Eddy, he doesn't speak different languages like us.)
  • Ed: Sorry, Double-D. I Ed will behave like a monster truck.
  • Edd: *long pause* Puh-lease.
  • Timmy: Never you mind Ed, Eddward. Didn't you see Bubbles' superb artwork for our tour bus?
  • Edd: I think it's exquisite.
  • Eddy: Well I think it's too "girly". I always thought that Chip Whats-his-name tour bus design was better than this one.
  • Bubbles: *gasps, lips quiver, and cries holding onto Timmy*
  • Timmy: (Whispering in Bubbles' ear) Don't let that shrimpy chump of a dork hurt your feelings, Bubbles. I thought your tour bus design was beautiful and after all, you're also the best artist I know.
  • Bubbles: *cheering up a little* Awwww... *kisses Timmy*
  • Eddy: (quietly to himself while driving the tour bus) Stupid mushy stuff!
  • Ed: My mom says not to pick my belly button.
  • Bubbles giggles*

Quote 2

  • (After "Little Things")
  • Timmy: You know, Neapolitan songs sing about love.
  • Ed: Like CRUNCH bars? *audience laughs hysterically and fades into silence once Edd began speaking to Ed*
  • Edd: (rapidly) No, no, no, we're talking about Neapolitan songs, Ed.
  • Ed: Can I put it in a waffle cone? *audience laughs*
  • Timmy: (happily) And PLEASE don't get him started on Neapolitan flavored ice cream. *chuckles along with the audience laughing* Anyway, love is what everyone needs. And this Neapolitan song--
  • Ed: Can I please have a scoop?! *audience laughs* please, please, please, Double-D? *audience continues laughing to Ed's actions and fades into silence once Edd began speaking to Ed*
  • Edd: Ohhh... puh-lease, Ed. You'll have one after the concert.
  • Ed: Ok Double-D, I Ed will sing my best and not be a pest again.
  • Timmy: *softly to audience* He says the same thing all the time.
  • audience laughs and fades into silence*
  • Timmy: Anyway, before Ed runs his mouth again, here's the song about love.
  • Intro to "O Sole Mio" begins*

Quote 3

  • Timmy: You know, even though I have a lot friends just like Edd and Ed here.... I was tormented by an evil 16 year old named Vicky Icky.
  • *audiences boos and fades into silence*
  • Edd: And you can't spell "Vicky" without "Icky".
  • *audience cheers and fades into silence*
  • Timmy: You're totally right on that, Edd. Vicky's just a spoiled brat.
  • Ed: Like garbage bags?
  • [audience laughs and fades into silence]
  • Mr. Mercurio: Um, please excuse me, Timmy for just one second before we begin our next song.
  • Timmy: Yes, Mr. Mercurio, Sir?
  • Mr. Mercurio: You might think I'm curious but who is this Vicky you are talking about?
  • Timmy: They all know who I mean. You'll soon find out about her, now will you please do your job and bring us into this song?
  • Mercurio: *unenthusiastically stares at Timmy and audience laughs*
  • Timmy: No offense.... *audience laughs*
  • Mercurio: *chuckles at Timmy's on-stage joke and brings us into the song "Painfully Beautiful"*

Quote 4

  • (Inside Timmy's house)
  • (Vicky turns on the television and sees Il Sogno on TV performing "Painfully Beautiful")
  • Vicky: WHAT?!!!! How did the twerp ever become famous?! He's supposed to be here doing my chores!!!! *then sees the video slideshow on Il Sogno's on-stage triple-tron about good things about Vicky (at that moment)*
  • Vicky: Hey.... it's about time the twerp and his group of "opera-dorks" did something to impress me! I'm starting to love this song! *watches the performance*
  • (Scene goes back inside Radio City Music Hall)
  • Ed (singing): you're out of my reach....
  • Timmy: *gestures Edd and Ed using his facial expression to change one of the lyrics in the last verse in unison to Ed singing the lyrics "you're out of my reach"*
  • Edd and Ed: *use facial expression back at Timmy, agreeing with his idea*
  • Il Sogno (singing together in harmony): You're out of my reach... (key changes in the song) Painfully *triple tron suddenly switches to Vicky committing bad things in the slideshow video on the triple-tron* BRUTAL *audience cheer to both the video and the lyric "BRUTAL"* so brutal that breaks my heart....
  • (scene then cuts back to Timmy's house)
  • Vicky: What?... WHAT?!!!!
  • Il Sogno singing on TV (together in harmony)* shamefully brutal, that I... (scene suddenly cuts back inside Radio City Music Hall)
  • Timmy (singing): I can't look away... (Scene suddenly cuts back to Timmy's house with Vicky trying to change the station, noticing that the concert was on every single TV station in Dimmsdale)
  • Vicky (while flipping through the same telecast): C'mon.... C'mon! Change!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!! (Scene suddenly cuts back inside Radio City Music Hall)
  • Timmy (singing): It makes my heart hate....
  • Il Sogno (singing together in harmony) you're Painfully Brutal.... you're Painfully Brutal....
  • Ed (singing) Ohhhh...... (Scene suddenly cuts to Timmy's house)
  • Vicky (screaming at the T.V): NOOOO!!!!! *breaks TV to the ground but the TV still showed the concert*
  • Il Sogno (singing together in harmony): You're Painfully Brutal.... *song ends and audience cheer loudly*
  • Vicky: *screams, runs upstairs and into Timmy's bedroom, slips on a banana peel, and vaults out of the house and is dropped in an on-duty overnight working garbage truck*
  • Garbage truck Driver (to his workmate riding in the passenger seat): Did something just hit us? *both give each other confused and bewildered expressions using their shoulders and facial expressions* (Scene suddenly cuts back inside Radio City Music Hall)
  • [audience cheering loudly for the boys' incredible performance]
  • Timmy: Thank you... thank you...
  • Edd: Bless you... bless you all....
  • Ed: Gracias!
  • [audience cheers loudly and then slowly fades into silence sitting back down in their seats]
  • Timmy: Now you get it, Mr. Mercurio Sir.?
  • Mercurio: In the matter of fact.... you WERE right all along Timmy. Now I'm starting to feel unappreciated about Vicky The Evil Babysitter myself.
  • Timmy: Trust me maestro, we ALL do, right fans? *audience cheer loudly and slowly fade into silence*
  • Timmy: You get the memo, now bring us to next song before Ed starts chitty-chattering again--.
  • Mercurio: *rapidly* Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, just be patient... please. *audience laugh to the scene*
  • Ed: COOKIES AND MILK!!!! *audience laughs hysterically and then fade into silence*
  • Edd: Timmy, may I suggest something Ed would "Smile" to?
  • Timmy: Oh-ho... I know what you're thinking.
  • Edd: Let's kindly perform this "Smiling" song since this is Ed's favorite song on our album.
  • Ed: Like report cards? *audience laughs and fades into silence*
  • Timmy: (feeling annoyed with Ed) Oh, brother.
  • Edd: (in unison with Timmy): Oh, puh-lease.
  • Edd: (kindly) Would you please kindly assist us into beginning our next song, Maestro Mercurio?
  • Mercurio: Of course I will, Eddward. (Intro to the song "Smile" begins)


  • Timmy tonsil removal is a reference to the "Fairly Odd-Parents" episode "Open Wide And Say AAAAHHHH!!!!!"
  • The song "Painfully Brutal" (originally titled, "Panifully Beauitful") was actually an insult to Vicky The Babysitter, and Vicky got angry after seeing it on every channel in Dimmsdale (as a reference to the "Fairly Odd Parents" episode "The Boys In The Band").
  • When Eddy mentions that he thought the Chip Skylark tour bus was better than Bubbles' design, Eddy inferred that he actually didn't care for Chip Skylark.