Ilitia Dresden Ocset dressed in his trademark clothes

Ilitia Dresden Ocset is a famous Millitary Advisor and Stragergist who helped King Lylyac during The Great War. He was made an Honoury Sovergin of the Kingdom after the war but only lived two years after reciving it. He was assinated eledgadly by The House of Acuere at the age of 28.

He was the son of an architect and a nurse. He won a scholarship to study at a prestgious university in the old realm of Oak, now part of north eastern sersex. He enrolled at the Millitary academy after finishing his studys. He then entered the army at a realativly high rank and rose quickly. He was notorius for his strategic and musical genius. Once met out of context, that of millita, he was noted as a compassionate and passive soul. King lylyac was begiled and seduced, being in a dire need of, his exceptional ability at stratergy. So a relationship was formed and through it Illita formed part of a surrogate family with King Lylyac. As young son and an older brother to King Lylyacs Children.

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