Illuminati symbol

The Eye of Providence, a signature symbol that many people associate with the Illuminati.

The name Illuminati (meaning "enlightened ones") is used to refer to a variety of different groups, but is most commonly in reference to a group of conspirators who seek total control of the world. The conspiracy theory's roots lie with the Bavarian Illuminati, a late-eighteenth century Enlightenment secret society founded by Adam Weishaupt.


The Illuminati's existence in the modern world is often made fun of on sites like YouTube to the point where it's considered a "dank meme".

Some users, such as Peladophobian, would come up with insane and sophisticated conspiracy theories to try to confirm the Illuminati's existence in today's world. The theories are usually made as a joke. The main leitmotif for the Illuminati Confirmed meme is playing the beginning of The X Files theme. Some users would even associate the Mind Heist theme from Inception with the Illuminati Confirmed meme, due to Peladophobian's frequent and reputable usage of the music in his earlier videos.

The Illuminati is also an iconic MLG meme, where the all-seeing eye symbol shows up on various montage parodies on YouTube, typically serving as the main antagonist, depending on the parody at hand.

Some users enjoy the absurdity of the meme, while others are put off from it due to it's excessive and annoying usage by many.

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