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Lost Creatures Ideas

Here are some ideas for the imaginext models of dinosaurs to be created

1. Crusher (bites), Chompy (chomps), Rudy (slashes), and Scarface (has a scar on his face Slashes, and roars) The 4 Baryonyx.

2. Chainsaw the Suchomimus (opens mouth roars and growls).

3. Speedy The Nannotyrannus (Slashes.)

4. Bull the Carnotaurus (Roars)

5. Spitty the Dilophosaurus (Grows creast and opens mouth.)

6. Gigantor the Giganotosaurus (Chomps and roars)

7. Sharky the Carcharodontosaurus (Opens mouth and roars)

8. Screech the Deinonychus (Shreeches)

9. Thud the Utahraptor (Slashes and kicks with feet)

10. Stealy the Oviraptor (Moves arms)

11. Tanker the Chasmosaurus (Moves head)

12. Snapper the Deinosuchus (Snaps mouth)

13. Sharpy the Therizinosaurus (Slashes with claws, and roars)

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