Immortal: Resurrection is an upcoming 2017 3D Supernatural Sci-Fi Action Superhero film that serves as the sequel to Immortal Origins. It is set for a release for a December 2017 release in Real D 3D and IMAX 3D Formats as well as 2D. Guillermo Del Toro, the director of the first film, returns as director.


After defeating Jamie Jackson, Eric Matthews (John Irwin) is faced with an even bigger threat when a newly hired agent (Joel McHale), secretly working for the Korgons, plans to destroy all life as we know it at the request of his father.


Returning to Reprise their roles are John Irwin, Hailee Steinfeld, Noodle of Gorillaz, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patton Oswalt, Randy Orton, Josh Hutcherson, Steve Austin, Tim Allen, Chris Jericho, Adam Copeland, Sheamus, Justin Gabriel, Jeff Hardy, Wesley Snipes, Dave Bautista, Steve Buscemi, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Dwayne Johnson, CM Punk, Doug Jones, The Big Show, Asa Butterfield, Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Ice Cube, Rey Mysterio, Jeremy Renner, Sting Steve Borden, Pitbull, Dustin Rhodes, Mark Strong, Paul Dano, Greg Cipes, Danny Trejo, Matt Hardy, Scott Adkins, Aaron Paul, Zack Ryder, Terry Crews, Nolan North, Kellan Lutz, James Rolfe, Ron Perlman (In a Much more Major Role), Liam Neeson, and Nicolas Cage.

Hulk Hogan as Louis Cannon/ Captain Olympic, A Staff Sergeant who agrees to help ROSE solve the Korgon Crisis.

Joel McHale as Dan Connery/ Paralyze, The Newly Hired Agent of ROSE secretly working for the Korgons at the request of his Father.

Selma Blair as Liz Sherman, A Membr of the BPRD.

Jusitn Timberlake as Tom Cannon/ Olympicore, A Lieutenant and the son of Louis Cannon who agrees to help ROSE solve the Korgon Crisis.

Will Forte as Tyler River/ Fireworks, A Member of ROSE.

Donald Sutherland as ExoCom (voice, filling for Kevin Nash, who will be playing a different role in the sequel)

Bruce Willis as Ben Ross/ Red-Eye Hack, A Bounty Hunter secretly working for ROSE.

Bully Ray as Zoltarogg, A Korgon.

Devon as Macrologg, A Korgon.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Lt. Peter Simmons, A Lieutenant who agrees to help ROSE solve the Korgon Crisis.

Jennifer Aniston as Sarah Williams, An Agent of ROSE.

Chadwick Boseman as Ken Knight/ Golden Force, A Member of ROSE.

Charlie Sheen as Jonathan Wyatt, The Chief Sergeant of the FBI.

Paul Bettany as Dokonove, A Korgon Intruder.

Bobby Roode as Maxwell Simmons/ Cryptico, A Member of ROSE.

Glenn Morshower as General Edgar Russell, The General of the US Armed Forces.

Peter Facinelli as Moltorogg, A Korgon Intruder.

Curtis Axel as Douglass Knight/ Axilitlonogg, A Korgon disguised as a ROSE Agent. He is Dan's Bodyguard.

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin as Jack McCarthy/ Raptor, A Magician who joins ROSE after noticing information about the Korgon Crisis.

Wade Barrett as Jerry Zane/ Black Signature, A Bounty Hunter hired by Volgrogg to defeat Eric.

Rob Van Dam as Kurt Justice/ Falcon, The Head of D.E.V.E.X. who works as a member of ROSE.

Martin Klebba as 9-Legs, A Bounty Hunter hired by Volgrogg to defeat Eric.

Mos Def as Smithers Jones/ Alkarov, A Bounty Hunter hired by Volgrogg to defeat Eric.

Kevin Hart as Willie Clark, A Comedic Bounty Hunter hired by Volgrogg to defeat Eric. He later joins ROSE after betraying Volgrogg by killing Naavi.

Edgar Ramirez as Korinove, A Bounty Hunter hired by Volgrogg to defeat Eric.

Tim Blake Nelson as Dr. Vince Sullivan, Eric's Doctor.

Vin Diesel as Garrett Cage, A Reverend (post credits scene).

Kevin Nash as Dwayne Winters, A Reverend (post credits scene).

James Blunt as Chris Thompson, A Reverend (post credits scene).

Michael Chiklis as Nate Courtre, A Reverend (post credits scene).

Booker T as Denzel Phoenix, A Reverend (post credits scene).

Corey Graves as Wes Metal, A Reverend (post credits scene).

Mason Ryan as Jim Porter, A Reverend (post credits scene).

Murdoc, 2D, and Russel once again make cameos, with Murdoc as a drunk bartender, 2D as an attender of Lily's Funeral, and Russel as one of Louis Cannon's Butlers. Fisher Stevens also cameos as one of Louis Cannon's Butlers.


Filming will start in Miami in June 2016. Danny Elfman and Gorillaz are once again returning to do music duties for the film.


The First Teaser will be shown before Star Wars Episode VIII, with a new trailer debuting at the Spike Scream Awards of 2017, and later on an episode of TNA IMPACT.

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