Immortal: Rebirth is the upcoming 3rd film to the Immortal Franchise. It is set for release in December 2019 and Guillermo Del Toro is returning to direct the film and Danny Elfman and Gorillaz are returning to their respectful music duties for the film.


After the events of Resurrection, Eric Matthews (John Irwin) Must face his biggest challenge yet when he has to fight off Still (Clive Owen), who is planning a full invasion on Earth alongside Volgrogg (Batista), Otarogg (Danny Trejo), and his son Paralyze (Joel McHale).


Reprising their roles are John Irwin, Hailee Steinfeld, Hulk Hogan, Dave Bautista, Adam Copeland, Justin Gabriel, Jeff Hardy, Danny Trejo, Joel McHale, Justin Timberlake, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Steve Austin, Dwayne Johnson, Mark Strong, Josh Hutcherson, Asa Butterfield, Tim Allen, Chris Jericho, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Noodle of Gorillaz, Rey Mysterio, Ice Cube, Jennifer Aniston, The Big Show, Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Rob Van Dam, Bobby Roode, Kellan Lutz, James Rolfe, Liam Neeson, Michael Fassbender, Bruce Willis, Nicolas Cage, Vin Diesel, Kevin Nash, James Blunt, Booker T, Michael Chiklis, Corey Graves, Mason Ryan, Bully Ray, Devon, Will Forte, Chadwick Boseman, Curtis Axel, The Miz, Wade Barrett, and Kevin Hart.

Clive Owen as Henry Connery/ Still, Dan's Father.

John Cena as Will Quinton, One of the new Agents of ROSE after it's destruction in the previous film.

Bryan Cranston as Vladimir Hendricks/ Zerenex, A Lone Bounty Hunter seeking revenge on Still.

Tom Hiddleston as Hal Munich, A Reverend Leader.

Garrett Hedlund as Flynn Cooper, A Reverend Leader.

Chris Hemsworth as Benjamin Wilson, A Reverend Leader.

Johnny Depp as James Warfare, A Reverend Leader.

Elijah Wood as Murdock Simmons, A Reverend Leader.

Ryan Kwanten as Seth Silverman/ Bloomer, A Member of ROSE.

Jerry Ferrera as Gorfonok, A Korgon.

Will.i.Am as Spike Lewis/ Termite, A Member of ROSE.

Anthony Mackie as George Thompson/ Hard Rock, A Lone Bounty Hunter working for Zerenex.

Bill Nighy as Craig Hill, One of the new Agents of ROSE. Also voices The Raven, Flynn's Pet Raven.

Ray Park (Sean Connery, voice) as Miracano, The New Robotic computer system of ROSE.

Rachel Weisz as Riley Antoinette, One of the new Agents of ROSE.

Ben Whishaw as Daniel Burke/ Whipclash, A Lone Bounty Hunter working for Zerenex.

Derek Mears (Crispin Freeman, voice) as Krisis, A Lone Bounty Hunter working for Zerenex.

Cyborg Noodle as Dan's Invented Bounty Hunter willing to hunt down Eric Matthews.

Bret Hart as Ecroven (voice), The Reverend's Spirit Master.

Kurt Angle as Buzz Neidhart/ Sharp Dune, A Lone Bounty Hunter working for Zerenex.

Juliette Binoche as Jamie Dice, The Special Service Agent of ROSE.

Omar Sy as Akawelle Bija/ Hectro, A Lone Bounty Hunter working for Zerenex.

Brodus Clay as Kenny "Sweet X" Murphy/ DoubleFunk, A Member of ROSE.

Charlie Hunnam as Matthew Burke/ Tornado, A Lone Bounty Hunter working for Zerenex.

Steve Carell as Dr. Sully Morrison, The New Doctor of ROSE.

Andrew Francis as Charles Mikey, A Reverend.

Eric Bischoff as Richard Vegas, An Agent working for the FBI.

Jackie Earle Haley as Hicromohve, A Korgon Intruder.

Armie Hammer as Johnny Smith, A Reverend.

Kristin Bauer as Janet Riley, One of the new agents of ROSE.

Mark Henry as Vincent Rocky/ Painmare, A Lone Bounty Hunter working for Zerenex.

SIenna Miller as Haley Richardson/ Petrilorokov, A Korgon disguised as one of the new members of ROSE.

Vincent Tong as NIKO, A Lone Android Bounty Hunter working for Zerenex.

Denzel Washington as Harold Willingham, An Agent of ROSE (post credits scene).

Sarah Gadon as Kelly Hamill/ Fawnfound, A Member of ROSE.

Andrea Libman as Erica Bennett/ Fluttershy, The Wife of Eric who works as a Member of ROSE.

Ashleigh Ball as Jill Wyatt, One of the new agents of ROSE.

Claire Corlett as Jackson Rose, John's Teenage Daughter.

Michelle Creber as Jane Reynolds, Jackson's Friend.

Post Credits characters include Phil Cornwell and Damon Albarn appear as Dennis and Ryan Copperfield, two criminals arrested by ROSE after revealing secrets about the Korgons. Doug Jones reprises his role as Sapien, while Lance Henriksen plays The Master, a character that will appear in the 4th film.


Filming starts in June 2018. Disaster Scenes for the film will be filmed at the Mall of America, New York City (in which is also the location of the final battle), The Michigan Stadium, Haeundae Beach, Paris, London, Tokyo, and Kings Island.


The First Announcement Teaser will be shown with all prints of The Amazing Spider Man 4. Anothe Teaser was shown with Avengers: Rise of the Offices while a New Trailer will be shown at the MTV Movie Awards of 2019 and later with Star Wars Episode IX. A Final Trailer will debut at the 2019 Spike Scream Awards.

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