The Next day Maria Hart wakes up and tells the group she had a dream and also knows where she has to meet Barry Charles the group all plan on heading to where he wants to go downa old Mansion in Chudleigh which has not been used in many years. Together the group start there drive up there. As they head on the motorway they look up to see they are not alone somehow Kim Knight has lived and is following behind them suspecting she is going to where they are heading.

The group plan on using there trick to stop the likes of Barry soon they enter and they split into two groups. Scott Curtis With Zack Zindine and Maria Hart. All head inside to see if they can find Barry. Meanwhile Emma Davison and Dean Reardon plan on blowing up the building to stop Barry and kill him. However one person will need to keep him in there. Because Scott will get another life he plans on doing that to stop Barry. Soon they group find Barry and get ready to fight him. However Kim Knight has caught up with them. Why the fight takes places Scott with Zack and Maria let them fight because Kim is sure that Barry is more stronger than them. The group quickly run outside and set off the bombs to kill both Kim and Barry. As they do it they look on to see no movement sure they have killed them.

The group smile and call it over at last however for Scott it has only just started.

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