Immortal Origins is an upcoming 2015 Supernatural 3D Sci-Fi Action Superhero film directed by Guillermo Del Toro and produced by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov. It stars John Irwin, Jennifer Lawrence, Patton Oswalt, Randy Orton, Josh Hutcherson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Fassbender, and Tom Cruise and is currently set for a December 19 2015 release and will be released in Digital 3D and IMAX 3D formats as well as 2D.


After his parents' death, Eric Matthews (Newcomer John Irwin), A Young Teenager living in Las Vegas, starts to experience revenge as he is gained superpowers by an unknown masked figure known as Planet X (Tom Cruise) with his messenger Stripedo (CM Punk). He is later assigned to ROSE, led by Supernatural specialist John Rose (Randy Orton), where he later becomes capable of his superpowers and gains the identity known as Immortal. With his membership active, ROSE is in final plans to capture Jamie Jackson AKA PowerSurge (Michael Fassbender), a local businessman turned electrical force, who plans on leading an army of Korgons, Led by Voltrogg (Batista), to invading the Earth, with Las Vegas as his first target. With his newly fond members, Eric must defeat Jamie once and for all before time runs out.


John Irwin as Eric Matthews/ Immortal, the main protagonist of the film.

Hailee Steinfeld as Lori Walgreen, Eric's Love Interest.

Jennifer Lawrence as Laura Stone, An Agent working for ROSE.

Tom Cruise as Thomas King/ Planet X, A Masked Figure secretly working for ROSE.

Michael Fassbender as Jamie Jackson/ PowerSurge, The Main antagonist of the film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Colin Harris, The Chief head of the FBI.

Patton Oswalt as Charie Macbeth/ Poker Face, A Las Vegas Gambler who joins ROSE after agreeing to help Eric defeat Jamie.

Randy Orton as John Rose, The Head of ROSE.

Josh Hutcherson as PEter Williams/ Stallion, A Member of ROSE.

Stone Cold Steve Austin as Drake Corbitt/ Roux, A Tough Speaking Member of ROSE.

Tim Allen as Mike O'Donnell, The Hotel Manager that Eric is staying at.

Christoph Waltz as Larry Bishop, a Las Vegas gambler secretly working for Volgrogg.

Chris Jericho as Woody Fozzy/ BlueStark, A Rock star who joins ROSE after agreeing to help Eric defeat Jamie.

Adam "Edge" Copeland as Nick Bennett/ Wings, A Member of ROSE.

Seann William Scott as Makarov, A Korgon Club Owner residing in Las Vegas.

Stephen "Sheamus" Farrelly as Detective Hal Duncan, The chief detective of the FBI.

Justin Gabriel as Vladimir Hudson/ Fang, A Vampire-human Member of ROSE.

Jeff Hardy as Todd Smith/ Silver Shadow, A Member of ROSE.

Wesley Snipes as Mel Patriot/ Bulls-Eye, An FBI Agent secretly working for ROSE.

Dave Bautista as Volgrogg, the leader of the Korgons.

Steve Buscemi as Greg Jackson, Eric's Boss.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Paul Frost, An Agent working for ROSE.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Kevin Baldwin/ Bullhammer, A Fitness Trainer who joins ROSE after agreeing to help Eric defeat Jamie.

Noodle of Gorillaz (Laura Bailey, voice) as Lily, John Rose's Bodyguard.

CM Punk as Izaya Murphy/ Stripedo, Planet X's Messenger secretly working for ROSE.

Jason Statham as Dr. Sniper, The Chief Doctor of ROSE.

Sharlto Copley as Balkahrov, A Korgon Intruder.

Michael Cassidy as Jokgronk, A Korgon Intruder.

Asa Butterfield as Tim Williams/ Pegasus, Peter's Brother who is also working for ROSE.

Paul "The Big Show" Wight as Joe Brooks/ Rhinestone, A Tough Speaking Member of ROSE.

Sylvester Stallone as Randy Allen, An Agent working for ROSE.

Ice Cube as Lawrence Woods/ Xavier, A Prison Inmate who joins ROSE after agreeing to Help Eric defeat Jamie.

Tracy Morgan as Ray Burberry/ TreeClorgg, A Betrayed Agent of ROSE who secretly works as a Korgon.

Alan Tudyk as Bruce Martinez/ RedLine, A Member of ROSE.

Rey Mysterio as Oscar Guerrero/ AirBoom, A High Flying Member of ROSE.

Jeremy Renner as Kurt Michaels, The Chief Officer of ROSE.

Steve "Sting" Borden as Albert Langston, The Leader of the Maskers who joins ROSE after agreeing to help Eric defeat Jamie.

Pitbull as Ian Halbrook, One of the maskers who joins ROSE after agreeing to help Eric defeat Jamie.

Dustin "Goldust" Runnels as Simon Cooper, One of the maskers who joins ROSE after agreeing to help Eric defeat Jamie.

Greg Cipes as Lloyd Phoenix/ 2D, A Circus Acrobat residing in Las Vegas secretly working as a ROSE Member.

Paul Dano as Cody Phoenix/ 3D, A Circus Acrobt residing in Las Vegas secretly working as a ROSE Member.

Danny Trejo as Otarogg, A Korgon and one of Volgrogg's Bodyguards.

James Badge Dale as Douglas Wilt, An Official of the White House.

Mark Strong as Steven Albarn, One of the maskers who joins ROSE after agreeing to help Eric defeat Jamie.

Matt Hardy as Zack Marshall/ Metal Spirit, A Chain Smoking Member of ROSE.

Scott Adkins as NaaviGorong, A Korgon and one of Volgrogg's Bodyguards.

Terry Crews as Charles "Big X" Xevious, A Member of ROSE.

Aaron Paul as Joseph King/ Nuclear-Z, A Miner and the younger brother of Planet-X who joins ROSE after agreeing to help Eric defeat Jamie.

Jeff Daniels as Richard Burton, The President of the United States.

Zack Ryder as Ryan Friedle/ Home Run Massacre, A Baseball Player who joins ROSE after the Korgons invaded the Cashman Field during a big game. He is one of the comic relief of the film alongside Tim Allen and Seann William Scott's characters.

Josh Peck as Tommy Matthews, Eric's Brother.

Logan Marshall-Green as Cologore, A Korgon and one of Volgrogg's Bodyguards.

James Remar as Sylvester Rudolph, An Agent working for ROSE.

Dane DeHaan as Dennis Foley/ Archer, An Olympic Gold Medalist who joins ROSE after witnessing the murder of his parents.

Doug Jones (Jess Harnell, voice) as ExoCom, A Robotic Guidance System of ROSE.

Kellan Lutz as Andrew Murphy/ NEON, A Member of ROSE.

Nolan North as Voltorogg (voice), A Beast-Like Korgon who joins and befriends Eric. He later becomes a Member of ROSE near the end of the movie.

James "AVGN" Rolfe as Alex Black, An Agent working for ROSE.

Danny McBride as James Nelson/ The Red Hawk, A Member of ROSE who speaks in a Clint Eastwood-style accent.

Kiefer Sutherland as Frankie Monsoon, An Agent working for ROSE.

Dolph Lundgren as HuntChangoo, A Korgon and one of Volgrogg's Bodyguards.

Ron Perlman as Hellboy, A Demon working for BPRD who appears in a post credits scene telling Eric about the BPRD Initiative.

Christopher Lee as Zherexnova (voice), Jamie's Master.

LIam Neeson as Will Matthews, Eric's Deceased Father.

Leslie Mann as Anna Matthews, Eric's Deceased Mother.

Will Sasso as Alec Django/ Quartet, A Member of ROSE.

Nicolas Cage as MURDOCK (voice), The Computer of ROSE.

Luke Goss cameos as a Masker getting killed by Otarogg. Murdoc, 2D, and Russel of Gorillaz all cameo in the film, with Murdoc as a Night Club Security Guard, 2D as a DJ, and Russel as a Resting ROSE Member. Sin Cara also makes a cameo as a DJ.


Filming Starts in June 2014. Danny Elfman will compose the score while virtual Band Gorillaz will write the songs for the film.


The First Teaser will be scheduled to be debuting with Terminator: Genisys, with a new trailer debuting with Ant-Man and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2. It will be distributed worldwide by Paramount, DreamWorks, Skydance Productions, Parlophone, Undead Productions, and WWE Studios. Hasbro will produce the toyline for the film.


  1. Telekinetic (Lose Control), Gorillaz and Kanye West ft. Adam Levine
  2. TBA, Imagine Dragons
  3. TBA, Britney Spears
  4. TBA, Robin Thicke
  5. TBA, Capital Cities
  6. TBA, Jay-Z and Kanye West ft, Justin Timberlake
  7. TBA, Muse
  8. TBA, Lady Antebellum ft. Mikky Ekko
  9. TBA, David Guetta ft. Katy Perry
  10. TBA, Gorillaz ft. Rihanna
  11. TBA, Passion Pit
  12. TBA, Deadmau5
  13. TBA, 3OH!3 ft. La Roux
  14. TBA, M83
  15. TBA, Little Dragon

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