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Battle of Archoron
Final Dominion

Siege of Archoron


14 ABY


Archoron System


New Republic Victory, end of the Imperial Dominion


Imperial Dominion

New Republic

  • Drax Remlinger
  • Vladet Xavier
  • Unknown
  • Imperial Star Destroyer (x1)
  • Victory Star Destroyer (x2)
  • Various Support Vessels
  • Mon Calamari Cruiser (x3)
  • Nebulan B Frigate (x2)
  • Modified Strike Cruiser (x2)
  • Various Support Vessels
  • All Capital Ships
  • Majority of Support Vessels
  • Thousands of personnel
  • Mon Calamari Cruiser (x1)
  • Handful of Support Craft
  • Various Starfighters

The Imperial Dominion was an Imperial-aligned military faction that was started in 14 ABY by Fleet Admiral Khadgar and Admiral Drax Remlinger. The Dominion originally started off strong in terms of support but the New Republic quickly took notice and launched a task force to eliminate the Dominion before it could grow into another Imperial regime. About eight standard months after the initial launch of the Imperial Dominion, it was literally destroyed.

Weakening of the Hammer

14 ABY

For a number of years the Emperor's Hammer had been growing weaker due to the poor leadership of "Grand Admiral" Astatine Thalanesi. A number of dedicated senior officers of the Hammer had gathered together to discuss contingency plans for the New Republic was sure to exploit the ever growing weakness of the Imperial military in the Minos Cluster. These officers pooled their resources and began building a command center on the planet of Archoron which still had loose Imperial ties. Over the next few months more and more resources and materiel were sent to Archoron in order to establish the Imperial Dominion. Imperial officers flocked to the banner of the Dominion bringing with them warships, weapons, and other expertise.

While they knew what they were doing could be considered treason by Emperor's Hammer Command, they felt they had few other options. The Dark Jedi Brotherhood had split off two years before the formation of the Dominion which seriously weakened the Hammer's influence in the Minos Cluster. The powerful Bounty Hunter's Guild had also just severed ties with Astatine leaving only a handful of fanatically loyal officers left to defend Aurora.

As more and more officers quietly lended materiel for the Dominion, word about it also began to spread. A holonet transmission was intercepted by EH Intelligence that gave the location of a new "Imperial Dominion." Recon ships were sent to Archoron and confirmed what the holonet transmisison had stated. News of the Dominion spread quickly throughout the Minos Cluster resulting in a number of active and retired Imperial officers joining the Dominion.

In a bold move, EH Fleet Commander Astatine Thalanesi slowly began his plan to eliminate the Dominion as competition. Most of the Dominion's leadership held high level command positions in the Emperor's Hammer and less than a week after the Imperial Dominion went public, these officers were expelled from EH space. The purge of EH leadership included High Admiral Priyum Patel, Fleet Admiral Vladet Xavier, Rear Admiral Joey C, Admiral Drax Remlinger, Fleet Admiral Khadgar, Colonel Dax Corrin, and Admiral Kate Flyer, among others.

The purge ended up in the decomissioning of several Star Destroyers in the EH starfleet and the consolidation of resources. With the Imperial Dominion now in the mainstream news, a large influx of Imperial officers reached Archoron expecting a new cause to fight for. Unfortunetly the Dominion was not setup in several areas - there were still staffing difficulties, defense stations were not completely finalized, and High Command was still finalizing a number of administrative tasks. Within four months of trying to setup and reorganize the Dominion, most of the new recruits had drifted elsewhere.

Things finally turned for the worst two months later when a massive New Republic task force entered the Archoron System in an entrapment formation. A lot of the military forces of the Dominion had just returned from a special operations mission against a rogue Imperial Warlord and with defenses still not fully setup the New Republic easily overwhelmed the Dominion. Within eight standard hours the Battle of Archoron was over with only a few dozen Dominion personnel escaping into hyperspace leaving Archoron to the New Republic. It was a total loss as virtually all of the Dominion's resources were left behind and a majority of the Dominion's officers had been killed.

Whether the New Republic had always planned to crush the Dominion or they were told about it by EH Intelligence, the end result of the Imperial Dominion was the further weakening of the Emperor's Hammer. While some officers made their way back to the EH, most ended up drifting into retirement or various other civilian careers.

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