Sairam Poonja, or affectionately called Sai, was a graduate student from MGM College of Engg. New Bombay. I said was, since he passed away on Aug 22nd 2006.

Sai is a perfect example of what God intended of Man. He was brilliant in his studies, a great friend to have and totally unselfish at heart. He would never say No if we asked him for anything. He was the silent and listening type, but when he spoke, everything that he said, made sense and one could easily tell, there is an intellectual in our midst.

As one of our friends, Brijesh, said, "We owe him a lot during Engineering days and also our engg. degree."

I do not know why he died so young and all my prayers are with his wife, Meena and his brothers, Dad and in-laws.

Au revoir, bon amie.

Friends.. You never think about it until it happens. You always think you'll have the time. And then, you're proven wrong.

Sometimes it happens suddenly, With no chance to say goodbye. While other times we are prepared But still we wonder why.

I hope I get strength and resolve to come with terms that Sai is not with us anymore. -Sanjeev

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