(The surface comes in underwater)

Shifu (narrating): How does one come to know the sea's dark secrets?

(The storm at sea comes in with the waves, and the ships were under attack by the storm)

(Mordecai turns the ship around in the storm)

(The whale appears in the sea)

Shifu (narrating): Monsters. Aren't they real?

(Mordecai looks at the whale during the storm)

(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

(The full moon appears in the clouds at night)

Shifu: I want you to tell me what happened.

(The ships appear at night)

Shifu: Tell me the secret of Essex.

Thomas O'Malley: I know expect your writing don't understand, Shifu.

(Shifu draws "Call me Ishmael" on the paper)

Tagline: This fall,

(The Essax Nuntucket appears in the sea)

(The Essax Nuntucket zooms in)

(Mordecai appears on the Essax Nuntucket)

Margaret: Promise me you've come back.

Mordecai: I've come back as quickly as it's almost 1990 swear.

Tagline: The creator of "Mordecailaddin" and "The Little Cardinal and Cloud Humanoid"

(The Essax Nuntucket zooms in at sundown)

(I'll continue working on this one day!)

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