Scott Curtis and Maria Hart quickly head across the Marshes to avoid who is chasing them being John Smith they think there save unaware that Kingsteigton Undead can see very well in the darkness better than any human and has stayed right behind them all the time. Maria gives Scott what he was told to give him to help him should anything like this take place. Steph Colledge has planned for these events and gave Maria a ring so he would have power. In the fight John is soon taken when Scott and Maria work together and manage to make him die again.

Meanwhile Dean and Zack are now aware of where Scott and Maria will be coming out at so they can pick them up in Newton Abbot they soon find out that Emma Davison was the person who helped Scott earlier in the day with Angie Smith and joins the group to help them find Scott and Maria. Later on Scott and Maria start to talk about the Rivers. Maria then wants to see where this takes her and ask if she can join with Zack. Scott is fine with this and they head out to the other end where Zack with Dean and Emma are waiting for them.

Maria Then meets Dean and Emma For the First Time When Emma goes to shake hands with Maria she looks and doesn't put her hand out but just smiles and speaks under her breath something that Emma isn't sure what she said.

With the group back together they promise to kill the Kingsteignton Undead before they all go there own way. Scott with Emma and Dean then start walking the mile back to Kingsteigton leaving Maria and Zack heading back to Kingskerswell

1-4 Heading Back Home

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