Incarcecon is a prison space station that orbits the planets Xenon. It has been ranked inescapable because of the large asteroid field and amount of darkness in the Yugopita star system. The only way to get through is to transmit I.D codes to the stations security and go through a cargo check. The humans constructed it in 2117


Incarcecon is divided into five parts, each with a different security protocol.

High Level

The high level is the location of the lounge, Recharge stations, Wardens Office and Security Barracks.

High Security Level

The High Security Level is where the galaxies most dangerous criminals are kept. all the guards on this levels are Robots, so those who are capable of telepathy can't steel the security codes to their cells.

Mid Security Level

The Mid Security Level is one of the most populated on Incarcecon. The Mid Security Level has regular guards and there are two Guidelines:

  • No Rules
  • No Parole

The Mid Security Level offers food, recreation and terminals the the inmates and the Omar who reside on Incarcecon.

Low Security Level

The Low security level is nothing but a slum overrun by two rival criminal gangs, waging a never ending war for control. The Low Security level is also overrun by Grays, Greasels and Karkians. These transgenics make the Low Security Level one of the most dangerous on Incarcecon.

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