Incarnations of Immortality is the name of a seven-book fantasy series by Piers Anthony. The books are each focused upon one of seven supernatural "offices" (Death, Time, Fate, War, Nature, Evil and Good) in a fictional reality and history parallel to ours, with the exception that society has advanced both magic and modern technology. The series covers the adventures and struggles of a group of humans, called "Incarnations", who hold these supernatural positions for a certain time.

Under a Velvet Cloak

This was suppose to be book 8 in the series, co-authored with Stephen Smith. It was to be marketed in late 2004, but publishers were not interested in continuing the Incarnations of Immortality series even though they sold well. Anthony did complete this novel and it features Nox, the Incarnation of Night.

Incarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony
Book 1: On a Pale Horse
Book 2: Bearing an Hourglass
Book 3: With a Tangled Skein
Book 4: Wielding a Red Sword
Book 5: Being a Green Mother
Book 6: For Love of Evil
Book 7: And Eternity
Book 8: Under a Velvet Cloak
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