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The Greed Incentive

One's delight made sweeter by others' bitterness at being excluded

Exclusivity as a vice has received little attention and as a virtue has been more treasured than criticized.

It's so associated with "privilege" that this "right" has become a near synonym typified by the mantra "Rank has its Privilege". It has gone without saying that the usual belief is that privilege = exclusivity.

What matters in this view is not that one has reward/recognition, but that others be denied these gifts.

This vice urges us to punish/confine/segregate nameable "others": as if calling someone "retard" or "broad" were a judgement of God: "if God's not on my side, why do I have so much money?"

Its virtue is that despite being excluded from the pinnacle represented by triumph, others can vicariously share the exultation of exclusion!

Treasures not tarnished by the gaze of the mob

The sense of entitlement that accompanies exclusivity is tied with a ribbon of "ownership": a duty to demonstrate one's specialness through exercise of power/control.

"So What?" prefaces the rejoinder claiming this attribute is essential to the "progress of humanity."

"What" puts the "beneficiary" of exclusivity in a hierarchic position with foot firmly on the neck of the excluded. This exercise is addictive/destructive/counter-productive.

'Tis neat to be elite

Until recently the excluded had little recourse, but with everyone/everything/everywhere/always connected, the prize of improved food-chain placement puts the cudgels of power within reach of those afflicted with lowliness.

Conspicuous Consumption is no longer all that cool. When there are 10,000,000,000 elitists there'll be less occasion for boots pressing throats.

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