By 3150 N.E., a 145-year civil war had sundered the old Horsehead Empire into two rival Horsehead empires, the Horoko Empire with control of the planet Horoko, and the Independent Horsehead Empire. Since most of the old Horsehead aristocratic/noble families allied with the Horoko Empire, the Independent Horsehead Empire allowed a large number of non-Horseheads to serve alongside Horsehead aristocrats as part of the noble class. The Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun in the New Universe is the official state religion of the Independent Horsehead Empire as it is in the Horoko Empire, but in the Independent Horsehead Empire the Solar Church priests are sharply divided over the validity of the traditional high priests on Horoko. The Church of the True God of the Unconquered Sun is increasingly active in the borders of the Independent Horsehead Empire, with adhereants among both Horseheads and non-Horseheads, though it is in rivalry, sometimes violent, with the Solar Church over the spirirtual allegiance of Horseheads. Relations with the United Republic of Earth in the New Universe are fairly close, and the Interplanetary Merchant League in the New Universe promotes plenty of free trade and League corporations have considerable foreign investment in the borders of the Independent Horsehead Empire. Relations with Golem space in the New Universe and the Horoko Empire are cordial but still somewhat suspicious though not to the degree that the relationship between the Horoko Empire and the United Republic of Earth engender.

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