Indy's picture

Hailing from the Southern Islands, Indiana Starman is the world famous Alien Explorer and dashing hero. He is known as "Indy" by most of his friends. He is also a proud father and has four children. Three sons and a daughter, as well for an adopted Puku named Punky. Indy also has a strong sense of justice and pride. He does not like anyone upstaging him in the heroic buisness. Indy is not a Net Navi, despite he resmebles Starman.exe. Infact, Indy is a Starry, which is also his last name.

Appearnce and Personailty

Indiana Starman looks like Starman.exe, but wears a leather bomber jacket and a fedora. He has a scar over his left eye, chest, nose and belly. He is proud of his scars. His quils on his head are alot more bushier and spkier, rather than it being a shooting star like face.

Indy has a easy going an carefree personailty. He is very prideful, brave and would dislike it if any random blue jerk tried to upstage him.

Neo Wars Era

Indy, along side with his son Mutt and his mother, Dallas are in the Neo Wars. Indy works Solo, however. He is also a prime target for the Black Hole members.

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