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Welcome to The Inferno Tyrants, please edit all you want, only if you are a member though if you are not a member of the guild just ask the join.

The Inferno Tyrants are a group of proffesional hunters who left the guild in order to establish an entirly new one which trains children to become master hunters.

The group was founded by the master hunters Dale and Ookami, who's dream is to protect the world from the evil creatures that call it their home.

The Guild also offers Hunters a new rank aswell as their HR, they now have a Tyrant Rank (TR) which determines their current status in the Inferno Tyrants, to up their current standing in the Guild, hunters must perform certain tasks for the Guild council, etc.

The Guild members are split into seven teams. There is a head of each team. The teams are basically the elemental attributes of weapons, e.g, the Ice Team or Raw(damage) Team. There is also the Gunner Team.

This is a fun guild and if ya wanna join just leave a quote on Ridleybear379's user page or Ookamikazuchi's and i'll get in touch thanks!


After discovering that the leader of the Inferno Tyrants, Ridleybear379 quitted his hunting career, Harith has became the Vice leader upon asking Ridleybear379 for inheritence of this clan.


Inferno Tyrants Guild Members

Tyrant Ranks

The Tyrants Board

The Tyrant Teams

Tyrants Library

Tyrants Code

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