Sneak Preview

Placido: Grr. I will not let anyone get in my way! I destroy Wisel Carrier and your Infernape takes the damage equal to its Level multiplied by 50. Go, Explosive Barrage!


Ash: Unnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Inferape, return and Pikachu, come out.

Placido: I'll destroy anything that stands before my Machine Emperor. Go, Skiel Carrier!

Ash: Did you say Skiel?


Ash: Skiel! Wait a sec. That's the Machine Pokemon that May was under battle with a week ago.

Luccanio: Wha? How did? Grr! Placido, taking my Pokemon without my permission!

Placido: Next, I call out Staraptor and merge it with Skiel Carrier.

Ash: What?!

Placido: Together they merge to form Skiel Carrier 5! Behold the true power of Infinity!

Ash: He's combined Skiel and Wisel to make a deadlier threat. I better stop him and fast before I lose Pikachu again. Placido, now I'll show you the evolution that has surpassed evolution.

Placido: What on earth are you talking about? Huh?

Vizor: Is he doing it? Ash.

Placido: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

(Lighting Strikes)


Placido: What you're planning is nothing but foolishness in a cursed fate. Haven't you forgotten the conflict between Mew and Mewtwo!

Ash: Gasp! No, I'll do it. Now lets see what Clear Mind can really do.

Placido: You're just trying to repeat a near storm from what happened before!

Ash: No. Accel Synchro! What?!

Vizor: The Accel Synchro has failed.

Placido: Hahahahahaha! I was wondering what you were trying to pull off.

Ash: No way. Wait a sec. If May and Vizor were able to pull off Clear Mind at least once why couldn't I. Of course its clear psychology from focusing on it and nothing else.

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