Infinite Nightmare Part 3

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The Crash Dance

Placido: Imposible!! Five Attacks from a pathetic Pikachu?!

Ash: Alright, Volt Shred!

Placido: Skiel Carrier 5! Block him with Doom Tailwind!

Ash: Volt Tackle!

Placido: Wisel Guard 3, Telekenetic Barrier!

Ash: Volt Tackle on Wisel Guard 3!

Placido: NO!


Ash: Thunderbolt on Wisel Attack 3!


Placido: AAAAAAhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Ash: And finally, Volt Shine Shred on Skiel Carrier 5!


Placido: Impossible! My Machine Emperor! I can't be done in not just by a human but a wretched kid!


Placido: AAAAAAAAahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!



Ash: What the? Are you okay?

Jose: Well he finally shows.

Ash: Huh?

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