“Ebo The Friendly Centurion” had only limited impact on popular culture. This is as it never entered the mainastream, and only circulated on a small level. Recently, due to efforts of die-hard fans, it has received cult status, and features in numerous school Latin societies. It has however, always had a small audience, perhaps due to its style and jokes; Ibi’s transaprent chartacter being an alltime favourite. Ebo’s catch phrase “Oh Ibi!” has become semi-iconic, and though true fans argue hat this limits the depth of Ebo's character, it has been one of the few famous and measurable impacts that the show has had. Indeed, a new phrase has entered the English language: "To do an Ibi" refers to comitting a gratuitious act of violence. It is often also used to refer to someones appetite . Ibi also makes a guest appearance on The Cambridge Latin Course, where after long anticipation, he finally eats Caecilius, contrary to ludicrous claims that this didn't happen There have been rumours of a film,“Ebo - a centurion’s tale”, where it is hoped that Russel Crowe will make a guest appearance, Ibi looking forward to an extra chunky victim.

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