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[With contributions rom W. Cohen's IE tutorial, Shivakumar Vaithyanathan, and DBLife]

Tutorials / Overviews

  • J. Cowie, W. Lehnert, Information Extraction, Communications of the ACM, 39 (1), 1996
  • Andrew McCallum's recent survey in ACM Queue.
  • Ion Muslea, "Extraction Patterns for Information Extraction Tasks: A Survey", The AAAI-99 Workshop on Machine Learning for Information Extraction.
  • D. Appelt et. al, "Introduction to Information Extraction Technology", IJCAI-99 Tutorial
  • Line Eikvil, "Information Extraction from World Wide Web A Survey“, Report No. 945, July, 1999. ISBN 82-539-0429-0

Data Sources / Tools

  • MinorThird [7]


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  • Crawling the Hidden Web. Sriram Raghavan, Hector Garcia-Molina. VLDB 2001. (regular paper, data extraction from the web)
  • RoadRunner: Towards Automatic Data Extraction from Large Web Sites. Valter Crescenzi, Giansalvatore Mecca, Paolo Merialdo. VLDB 2001. (regular paper, data extraction from the web)
  • Visual Web Information Extraction with Lixto. Robert Baumgartner, Sergio Flesca, Georg Gottlob. VLDB 2001. (regular paper, data extraction from the web)

Additional Notes

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