Dirge of Cerberus is different from the other games of the Final Fantasy series, because now it is a first-/third-person shooter, and doesn't use the random battle system or menus like previous installments.

The original Japanese version was an apparent downheart on the gamers who bought it, as you could only shoot from first-person view, making it very hard to fight like a normal action game because you couldn't move right.

However, now in the American and European version, you can jump and double jump, along with shoot while in third person, making you be able to move and shoot at the same time and you can now shoot while jumping.

Though jumping may allow you to do better combo's with melee attacks and shooting, you can't exactly use it to access places, as it was put into the game after they made the levels. For example, I have seen a video of someone trying to double jump over a normal banister, but being blocked by an invisible wall. It doesn't bother me much, but it seems to annoy a lot of other people.

You can also use Vincent's Limit Break to turn into the Galian Beast, an unstoppable creature which can shoot balls out of it's hands at enemies. In the Japanese version, it would active once your energy reached the top, but now it is an item you can get, giving you more control of when you use it.

One of my favourite parts of this game is the Gun modification, where you can (as the name implies) modify your gun with different parts you buy and find. For example, you can give a gun a Griffon frame, long barrel, fire materia and 200 machine gun bullets. Now how cool is that?


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