A memorial to Jans Ingvald, Secretary General of the United Nations. Ingvald’s greatest dream was the establishment of a Library of the Nations. He foresaw a repository of knowledge that rivaled or surpassed the Alexandrian Great Library of nearly twenty-five hundred years earlier. Ingvald’s vision was to have electronic copies of every book, pamphlet, governmental document, dissertation, thesis, public funded research, and private business document released for public information available for access by any citizen of Earth from anywhere on the planet.

The General Assembly of 2082 CE adopted a resolution calling for the construction at Amundsen-Scott of the Ingvald Global Library, and work on raising the funds needed to build the institution was begun. One of the first acts of the first United States of the Americas Congress in 2091 CE was to adopt legislation that ratified a treaty with the Japan-Korea Economic Union to construct the Global Library. The last node in the InternetXVI to come online to the Library was a rural village in the Kingdom of the Congo in March, 2129 CE.

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