Cinderella: [enters Stepmother's bedroom after Gus is found under a tea cup] Oh, Fuck you, you don't think that I would... Stepmother: [interrupting] Shut the fuck up! Cinderella, you're a faggot. Cinderella: But, I was only trying to... Stepmother: [interrupting] COCK! Time for vicious practical jokes. Give me my Chinese food or I'll have to fuck you KILLED in the ass. Cinderella: [interrupting] Oh fuck off... Stepmother: [interrupting] Don't mention that fucking word, You fucking twat! And don't forget the toffee waffles. Then fuck my ass, sweep the balls and the dicks, rape the faggots. And of course there's the pizzas and McDonalds and the cocks of shits... Oh, yes, and one more thing. See that Lucifer's gonna get killed.

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