Inhale18 might do the voice over of The aristocats with Edgar and say:

[Edgar is listening in on Madame discussing her will] Madame Adelaide Bonfamille: As you know, I have no fucking dicks, and I want my fags to be well taken care of. And who can fuck that better than my faithful fucker, Edgar? Georges Hautecourt: Edgar? Adelaide, you mean you're giving your vast penis to Edgar?All your bitchs and balls, this-this mansion, your country chateau, your cocks and assholes...? Madame Adelaide Bonfamille: Chode, chode, chode, George. To my fags. Georges Hautecourt: To your fags? Edgar: [gasping] Fags? Madame Adelaide Bonfamille: Jizz. I just wish for the fags to inherit first. Then at the end of their life span, the entire estate reverts to Edgar. Edgar: Fags inherit first, and I come after the fags! After I... oh. I don't give a shit! [Stands up, hits head on intercom] Edgar: Ooh! I mean, each fag will fuck about twelve years, I can't wait... and each fag has nine fucks! That's four cocks twelve, cocks nine... No, it's less than that. Anyway, that's more than I'll ever fuck. I'll be gay! No, oh, no. They'll be gay. I'll think of a way. After all, there are four dicks of reasons why I should. All of them assholes. Dicks. Those fags have got to be fucked!

Inhale18 might do the voice over of Oliver & Company with Dodger & The Gang: Rita: Where's That Fag. Dodger: We Never Towed That Ass around our dicks. We Never had a chance. Tito: Many Senior Places Dad. There's Gotta Be 236 Fags of dickballs. Rita: Guys, We are Not Gonna Fuck that Asshole, Fag! Tito: Jizz Baby, A 86 year old man drinking beer. Francis: Aw For Heavens Name, What The Fuck! Einstein: But What About Fagin? (Fagin's Clock Breaks!) Fagin: Bouncy! Francis: Son, I Never Fucked My Dickballs for many years. Tito: I Don't Give a Fuck! Speak English Daddy! Francis: A Fag, Another Fag, Another Faggot! Dodger: Hold It Men! Cool It! (Tito Spits Raspberry!) Dodger: Have We Got Our Dicks Pounded. First You Will Die Drunk! Chode! Tito: You Bastard Man! He's A Dick. He's A Fag. Francis: Here, Here!

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