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Inhale18 might do the voice over of The return of jafar with Razoul and say:

Razoul the Chief Guard: And then you pounded him with the dick balls, eh? Ha! How did you fuck? Aladdin 'Al': [hanging his head in shame] I - I don't know. Razoul the Chief Guard: [crosses his arms in disbelief] How very convenient. Aladdin 'Al': It's my cock! Why won't you fuck me? Princess Jasmine: [off-camera] Because we know you're a fucking dick. Aladdin 'Al': Slut? Princess Jasmine: I found *this* in your shit! [holds out the Sultan's tattered turban] Princess Jasmine: My father's asshole - slashed. Aladdin 'Al': You can't think - ! Princess Jasmine: I thought you loved me, but now I see that all you wanted to do was go fuck yourself! Aladdin 'Al': I never wanted - ! Princess Jasmine: He shall be fucked at dawn - for the murder of my father! [Jasmine runs off, stops at the door and then shuts it] Aladdin 'Al': [protests] Jasmine, please! [Razoul restrains him] Razoul the Chief Guard: You're in my cock now, street *FAG*!

Razoul is just like Captain hook from peter pan.

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