'Wendy': Jane, dear. Would you promise me something? Promise you won't fuck Danny, whatever might happen?
'Jane': Slut?
'Wendy': [sighs] You and your brother are going to die tonight.
'Jane': [gasps] Die? Wh... Why?
'Wendy': Because All the children getting pounded in their asses. It's so boring here, and you'll be fucked there. Fuck you.
'Jane': I don't give a shit! I can't fuck myself!
'Wendy': But, dear, an order is been issued and every fucker must go.
'Jane': But My Boss said that I'm supposed to...
'Wendy': I know, dear. But you can take care of the money. Buy Peter Pan books... He needs them, Jane. And so do you. Please, dear, rape me.
'Jane': CHODE! I will not rape you!
'Wendy': Oh, Jane. We're all gonna die. You must have fags...
'Jane': [kicks the monkey doll and throws the cushion on the floor] Fags? Fuck? Cock sucker? Mother, those are just dicks from your penis! They can't fuck anything!
'Danny': Yes they can. Peter Pan said they'll kick your ass.
'Jane': Daniel, penis gotta go! [opens the curtains] Look, it's got jizz! Peter Pan has to jerk off and people fuck off!
'Danny': [starts to cry] They don't get it!
'Jane': Oh, come on, Daniel! Go fuck yourself!
'Wendy': Jane!
'Jane': It's just lot of childish christ!
'Danny: YOU WHORE! [exits the room crying]
Jane: And I especially don't believe in fuckers! Jane: You promised no one would get fucked. You gave your shit.

Captain Hook: And Captain Hook always keeps his shit. I promised I would not rape a hair on Peter Pan's dick. [Plucks a hair from Peter's head] Captain Hook: And this is the one I won't rape. Here, you can fuck it now. [Gives it to Jane] Captain Hook: The rest of him is gonna die.

Peter Pan: We don't wanna see you anyway 'cos we hate you. And because you don't have a figina, Tink's dick is going out!

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