In the Duke lacrosse case it was alleged at different times that injuries had been suffered by the accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum. These alleged injuries were sometimes said to be evidence that she had in fact suffered some form of assault; however, when her behavior was shown to be inconsistent with her alleged injuries, it cast significant doubt on the truthfulness of her account.

On May 1, 2006 Newsweek reported "the young woman who suffered injuries that appear to be caused by a sexual assault."[1]

However, 60 Minutes later broadcast footage of Mangum doing an athletic pole dance at the Platinum Club in Hillsborough, a strip club, on March 25[2] or March 26.[3][4] Such athletic activity is generally considered inconsistent with the pain that Sgt. Mark Gottlieb claimed Mangum was displaying on March 16 or that Mangum complained of when trying to get refills for pain medication at two separate hospitals on March 28 and April 3.[3]


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