The Inner Solar System is dominated by the Imperium of the Terran Throne, with the planet Venus terraformed to Earth-like conditions centuries ago, and the planet Mercury protected from the solar radiation of the nearby Sun by an electromagnetic force-field mantained by a series of space stations and satellites in Mercury orbit. The Imperial Province of the Inner Solar System has virtually no local self-government, with all the local power in the hands of the four Imperial governors (see Government of Imperium of the Terran Throne). The reasons for this is firstly, activities by local nationalist groups on Mercury and Venus that want their worlds independent of the regime of the Terran Throne, including some guerilla and terrorist actions, and secondly, racism by human supremacists against local chimera populations and A.I. robots and computers, including some violence, and self-defense violence by chimeras and artificially-intelligent machines against the human racists.

Of the appointed Imperial governors, the representative of the Imperial Guard has two votes, while the appointees of the Terran Throne, Imperial Senate, and Civilian Ministry have only one vote each. This is different from the governors of other Imperial provinces where all four governors have one equal vote. The reason for this is that the military forces of the Imperial Guard are extremely active here combating violent elements among local nationalists, racists, and anti-racists.

On Mercury, mining and the manufacture of certain metals dominate the local economy. On Venus, the growing of food crops and livestock animals promote an agricultural-type economy.

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