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Syd Barrett’s Flat (101 Cromwell Rd)

This building housed a notorious commune of psychedelic hippies in the mid to late 60s. Yoko Ono made an infamous movie called Bottoms on location in the building. Syd Barrett lived there during his psychological decline in the late 60s. After he was sacked from Pink Floyd in 1968, Syd Barrett would spend evenings socialising with the backpackers at the nearby Holland Park Youth Hostel sharing drugs with them on the roof.

Garden Lodge, 1 Logan Place, Earls Court

Freddie Mercury lived here until his death in 1991. He was born in 1946 in Zanzibar, as Farrokh Bulsara. His body was cremated at a Zoroastrian funeral ceremony in London.

Royal Albert Hall (Kensington Gore)

Many 60s "underground" events were held here - in one of the cornerstones of Victorian England, including the Wholly Communion poetry "happening" in June 1965 and Cream's farewell concert in November 1968

Sticky Fingers restaurant, 1a Phillimore Gardens, Kensington

This US style diner is (was?) owned by Bill Wyman.

Hyde Park

The Rolling Stones held their famous free concert here in 1969, days after Brian Jones died. Over 200,000 fans (including a young Mick Jones, later to found anti-Stones band The Clash) attended the concert. This was not the first free rock concert in the park: Pink Floyd performed to a crowd of 7000 the previous summer, at “The Cockpit”, in June 1968 (in part organised by a young Marc Bolan).

Empress Hotel (25 Lillie Rd, Earls Court)

William Burroughs lived in this hotel on and off in 1960, while he was writing his cut and paste novel "The Soft Machine".

Kensington Market (Kensington High St)

Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor had a tiny stall in the Markets; they first stocked paintings by Ealing art student friends, then sold clothes (recycled Victoriana, silk scarves, lace, stoles etc), from mid 69

The Halcyon (81 Holland Park, W11)

A hotel where Iggy Pop, Johnny Depp and Oasis have been known to sink a few drinks in the bar.

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