The planets Mercury and Venus in the universe of the Imperial Republic are divided in terms of political control. The planet Mercury is mostly populated by robots and computers with artificial intelligence (A.I.). These A.I. machines are divided between the Imperial Republic and the so-called Mercurian Cyber Free Nation, and there are frequent shooting wars between the Free Nation and the Republic. The relative few organics on Mercury (mainly humans) are invariable aligned with the Republic.

The Imperial Republic has sometimes hired the Samurai Warrior Tribes as mercenaries to supplement it's regular military and police forces on Mercury and to aid against robotic soldiers of the Mercurian Cyber Free Nation.

The government of the Imperial Republic maintains the so-called Solar Shield, which helps protect Mercury from the intense solar heat and radiation from the nearby Sun.

The local economy on Mercury is mainly based upon the mining and manufacture/processing of minerals and metals.

The planet Venus long ago was terraformed to Earth-like conditions. The population of the planet is mainly humans and chimeras, but relatively few A.I. robots and computers. Venus is divided between the Imperial Republic and the two nations of Ishtar and Aphrodite. Ishtar is mostly populated by chimeras, especially Centaurs, Canines, and Felines (see races in the universe of the Imperial Republic) but it's ruling King and Queen and Council of Nobles are exclusively human (and disproportionately Free Borns). Aphrodite is a democratic republic governed by a President and Senate both elected once every six years by both humans and chimeras (the few A.I. machines within Aphrodite are entitled to elect a single member of the Senate but cannot vote in presidential elections).

Ishtar and Aphrodite are often more hostile to each other than toward the Imperial Republic, and occasionally engage in brief shooting wars. The Imperial Republic more rarely engages in open warfare with either Ishtar or Aphrodite, and on these rare occasions is allied with Ishtar while warring with Aphrodite, or aligned with Aphrodite while in a shooting war with Ishtar.

Since Aphrodite has generally had a weaker military than Ishtar, Aphrodite's government had often hired the Samurai Warrior Tribes as professional mercenaries.

Local government of the Imperial Republic territories on Mercury and Venus is vested in the hands of governors appointed by the Supreme Council of Twelve and advisory committees composed of local residents appointed by the governors.

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