Created By: Matthew John Latham
Genre: Drama/Mystery
Running Time: 8-10 minutes
Current Series: Ended
Number of Episodes: 6
Series Debut: December 2003
Series End: May 2004

Insanity was the Video Web Series side-project of Matthew John Latham that was created December 2003. It consisted of short video stories that told an over-arching story. Six episodes of a first series was completed, and there were plans for more to be done (in fact the seventh episode, also the second series premiere, was 80% completed). Those were scrapped and a movie was actually planned with scenes written and filmed (twenty-three minutes of footage was used) but the project was terminated at the videos were deleted.

Latham has expressed a desire to reboot the series in a series of one act episodes...



Matthew Latham

The Evil Twin


Other Characters


The Megalix Council

Mr. Draken


The First Series

The Seventh Episode: Duplicates

The Movie

==The First Series==

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