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Archive of bokes which are exclusive to the creators of this wiki. Chances are you won't understand a thing unless you know them really well, so proceed at your own risk.

Please number each boke and make sure that the source is cited correctly for each one.


Nirti Afa:
"Amar jamai shob ranna korte pare."
"Morog dim ar noodles pare."
"Wow. Ami jantam Murgi dim paré ekhon shunchhi Morog shudhu
dim pare na...noodles-o paré!"

(Source: Abhijit/Mew)


Air Commodore Fukov's eyesight is really bad, but he never faces any
problems with that. How come?
His contacts are great.

(Source: Abhijit/Mew)


Classic Sound Engineering Boke
If a sound engineer applies a noise reduction filter to Borsha's
voice, he or she will obtain a length of absolute silence.

(Source: Abhijit/Mew)

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