• Sadness as Kirby
  • Riley as Tiff
  • Jordan as Tuff
  • Fear as Knuckle Joe
  • Disgust as Meta Knight
  • Meg as Honey
  • Andy (from Toy Story) as Iro
  • Russell (from Up) as Spikehead
  • Joy as Commander Vee
  • Anger as King Dedede
  • Sid (from Toy Story) as Escargoon
  • Riley's Mom as Lady Like
  • Riley's Dad as Sir Ebrum
  • Woody and Jessie (from Toy Story) as Fololo and Falala
  • Rainbow Unicorn as Sirica
  • Jangles The Clown as Nightmare
  • Peter (from Peter Pan) as Chief Bookem
  • Pinocchio (from Pinocchio) as Major Len Blustergas
  • Bing Bong as Chef Kawasaki
  • Ichabod (from TAOIAMT) as Gus

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