Insomniac Ralph is part of the Insomniac collection.


Ralph has trouble sleeping one night, and Vanellope tries to help him, but rather seems to make things worse.


  • Ralph: [after seeing his home decorated with candy themed objects] What's this?

Vanellope: It's just a dream, Ralph.

Ralph: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

[he awakens, then reaches for the phone. Vanellope's phone rings and she answers it.]

Vanellope: Hello. Oh, it's you, Stinkbrain. What's wrong? Can't ya sleep? [a few moments of silence on Vanellope's end, then Vanellope perks up] You want me to help you get to sleep? Ok, be there in a few.

  • Vanellope: [finishing up the story] Good night, Ralph! Ralph? Where are you? [she finds him under the covers, shaking]

There you are... Aren't you asleep yet?

  • Ralph: [sarcastically] Yes, Vanellope, do you mind?

[Vanellope smiles]

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