Inspector Percy is a custom Thomas the Model Adventures episode made by SuperMalechi. It was narrated by Michael Angelis in UK and Dean Wendt in US.


When the railway inspector gets soaked whilst inspecting a pipe, Percy decides to be a railway inspector, causing confusion and delay all around Sodor! Following the trail of railway certificates issued by the michevious small green saddletank engine, Thomas finally tracks down Percy, only to find him stuck in wet sand! It's a good thing Thomas has Rocky to rescue Percy!


  • Thomas
  • Emily
  • Percy
  • Duck
  • Henry
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Mavis
  • Buster
  • Harvey
  • The Railway Inspector
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Gremlin


  • This is silimar to the Bob the Builder Season 5 episode: Inspector Spud.


Percy Inspecting The Few More Things

  • Thomas: Then it must be here somewhere. Sir Topham Hatt is right. If Percy puffs into that sand, he'll get stuck. We must warn him before he does it. I'll look for it. Emily, you and my friends must go home.
  • Emily: Okay, Thomas.
  • Narrator: And Emily and the other engines went home. Later, Percy was inspecting the dog house. Inside, was Gremlin the Dog. As Percy's driver was writing things, Percy said...
  • Percy: One roof...check! Four walls...check! One door...check! Being a railway inspector is easy! Phase one...complete!!
  • Narrator: And he ran off, laughing. Percy stopped by a fence and he bashed a frieght car and it hit the fence. At the dog house, Thomas and the Railway Inspector arrived. Duck was there, waiting for them.
  • Thomas: Hello, Duck! You haven't seen that clipboard, have you?
  • Duck: No, I've haven't. But me and my driver found this stuck to Gremlin's kennel.
  • Narrator: The Railway Inspector was worried.
  • The Railway Inspector: Oh, well, it's one of my job sheets.
  • Thomas: Then your clipboard can be found far away. Come on.
  • Narrator: And Thomas, Duck and the Railway Inspector ran off to find Percy. Later, Henry found Percy inspecting Duck's shed.
  • Henry: Hello, Percy. Are inspecting Duck's shed.
  • Percy: That's right, Henry. This wood was very old.
  • Henry: Percy!
  • Percy: And let's just blow it up!
  • Henry: Percy, I don't think that's a very good idea. (sees Percy about to blow up the shed) Ohhh! This shed's gonna blow!
  • Narrator: And it was. Duck's shed blew up into bits!
  • Percy: One shed, failed inspection!
  • Henry: Oh-oh! Duck woudn't be very happy!
  • Percy: I'm going, Henry! I have more destinations to inspect!
  • Narrator: And he puffed off, laughing. Meanwhile, the engines and the railway inspector were racing after Percy, until they founded Henry, very sad.
  • Thomas: Hello, Henry! I wonder if you seen- (his voice trails off)
  • Narrator: Duck saw what happened.
  • Duck: My shed! Look at it! What was being going on, Henry?!
  • Henry: It was Percy!
  • The Railway Inspector: That silly engine! I should have known!
  • Thomas: We'd better find him before he does more damage! Which way did he go, Henry?
  • Henry: Toward Edward's Branch Line. He says he has more destinations to inspect.
  • Narrator: Later, Percy saw the sand as his driver removed Thomas' sign that he put.
  • Percy: Oh! Oh-ho! This sand is pretty much fun. All those straight lines like that.
  • Narrator: And he puffed into the wet, sticky sand.
  • Percy: I bet I can make them look much more instresting! Hahahaha. Hahahahahaha.
  • Narrator: Suddenly, he saw that his wheels were deep in the sand. He tried to get off the sand, but he was stuck!
  • Percy: Oh help!
  • Narrator: Just then, Thomas and Duck arrived with the Railway Inspector. The Railway Inspector jumped off Duck's cab and took it from Percy's driver.
  • The Railway Inspector: Ah, there's my clipboard.
  • Thomas: My sign! Percy's driver had removed this! Percy, what are you doing?! That's fresh sand!
  • Percy: Uh...yes, Thomas. I know, Thomas. I'm stuck in the sand, Thomas!
  • Thomas: (chuckles) Yes, I can see that! Don't worry, I'll get you out.
  • Narrator: Later, Percy was on a flatbed.
  • Thomas: There you go, Percy. Now, you're unstuck.
  • Percy: Thanks, Thomas. Ohhh! Oh no! My wheels are all covered in sand!
  • The Railway Inspector: And we can't let you puff around, making a mess.
  • Duck: Come on, Percy. Let's go and see Sir Topham Hatt. He might be cross.
  • Narrator: This made Percy very sad. He was worried that Sir Topham Hatt would be cross with him and his trouble with the inspections he makes. And he was.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Percy! You have caused confusion and delay! You have made a hugh damage around Sodor!
  • Percy: But...but...I was just taking the railway inspector's place!
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Enough of your nonsences! For your punishment, you'll stay in the shed for the next 2 days!
  • Percy: I'm sorry sir!
  • Duck: Serves you right for causing damage, Percy! Now, let's take you to the Sodor Steamworks!
  • Narrator: And Duck took Percy to the Sodor Steamworks to get his wheels cleaned. And soon, after that, Duck took Percy back to the yards.

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