• first, of course, you need to get a version of the software. It works only with Igor Pro version 5 or greater on a PC. (you can analyzer your data on a mac, but the data collection functions only work with pc) It works with Princeton Instruments brand ccds via the program SIDX (SIDX essentially mounts an igor extension to run the ccds). You must arrange to have Igor and SIDX.
  • Shades of Gray should come to you in two parts. First an experiment template (ShadesofGrayVXX.pxp) and second a folder of procedure files (ShadesofGrayProcs). Put ShadesofGrayProcs in a convenient and memorable location on your hard drive, and place shortcut to it in the folder c:/Program Files/Wavemetrics/Igor Pro/User Procedures/ . Once you are done setting up ShadesofGray, it is generally more convenient to users (not to mention safer) to make all of the procedures "READ ONLY". [ or hidden? describe how] Not only does this prevent novice users from accidentally rewriting code, but it also limits the number of windows that can be open.
  • Some things that must be personalized for each new experimental setup:
  1. ports. The declaration of COM ports for running the laser or spectrometer must be hard-coded in the laserandspectometer.ipf.
  2. data length. SIDX automatically redimensions the data as collected to fit the chip data. However, there are many many subsidiary waves that work from the data wave, and to avoid trouble these must be redimensioned to be the same length as the data.
  3. wavelength calibration. If Neon is to be used as the calibration lamp, then it is a relatively simple matter to personalize the calibration to your ccd/grating combo. Essentially, whenever wavelength is calibrated, the wavelength calibration presents a guess at where the Neon lines should be in your data to facilitate calibration. So you need to do a little testing to determine how the calibration parameters depend on grating position, and then put that information into the routine. [add detail!]
    *if another lamp is to be used, than additional programming needs to be done.

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