My traditional xmas present to myself this year was an iBook, so I thought I'd try and get gdivelog running on it.

It runs fine under X11 with Darwin Ports (

I will get around to updating the doco at some point, but briefly...

Install X11 server and the development tools from the OS X install DVDs.

Install Darwin Ports. Install libgnomeui and sqlite3 - their prereqs will be installed automatically.

Darwin Port installs everything to /opt/local, so the only change you may need to make over a normal compile of gdivelog is to use

./configure --prefix=/opt/local

The performance of sqlite3 under darwin/OS X is not good by default because PRAGMA synchronous is set to 2 by default. I have added code to CVS which is only compiled under darwin/OS X so that PRAGMA synchronous is set to 0 when a logbook is opened. See

If you are worried about the database corruption mentioned in the URL above, you shouldn't need to worry. .glg files are bzip2'ed sqlite databases. When you open them they are decompressed to a temporary file and only recompressed back to the .glg file when the user physically saves the dive log. So, if a problem occurs during a database write, it should only effect data after the last save and should effect the integrity of the actuall .glg file.

The performance of gdivelog will be bad (like 30 mins to write 50 dives bad!) whenever writes to the database are done with all released versions of gdivelog.

I have only tested the suunto plugin so far and it works fine (using a KeySpan USA-19HS USB-Serial adaptor). I suspect the other serial plugins (Hyper Aqualand and Sensus Pro) should work fine too.

I have not compiled MDB Tools on OS X yet, so the SmartTrak and Suunto Dive Manager 2 plugins will not work... yet.

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