==Title page

<font size = "4">Word2MediaWikiPlus demo document</font>

About this software

Word2MediaWikiPlus is a set of Visual Basic macros that converts Microsoft Word document contents to MediaWiki markup.

Usage requires a running copy of Microsoft Word that supports Visual Basic macros (Word 2000 to 2003).

Information about this tool is here:

The project site and download center is here:

[http:// ]

What we can do:

[http:// ===Text formatting]

This is <font color="#FF0000">c</font><font color="#339966">o</font><font color="#0000FF">l</font><font color="#FF00FF">o</font><font color="#808080">r</font><font color="#00CCFF">e</font><font color="#CC99FF">d</font> <font color="#FFCC00">text</font>.

This is bold, italic, underlined, strike through and <font color="#0000FF">comb</font><font color="#FF0000">in</font><font color="#0000FF">ed</font>.

If you set convertFontSize=true then you get

<font size = "4">Text in big letters.</font>

<font size = "1">Text in small letters.</font>

But we consider only smaller than normal and bigger than normal, not its actual size.

You may have noticed the indention, too.

The macro recognizes manual line breaks<br>and puts a <nowiki><</nowiki>br<nowiki>></nowiki> into it.


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