Volume Eight: Insurgence is the eighth volume of Legacies.


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
[[Image:|150px]] Infiltration Writer: Director: #1
It has been nearly two years since Autumn City was almost swallowed by a dimensional rift, and Scarlett stands trial for her past crimes, but is interrupted and brought to the New Saxony Royal Police instead to help investigate the murder of Cyrus Lockham. Lawrence, Rachel, and happy parents Valerian and Samantha are also brought in. Among the NSRP agents are the Lead Agent, Gerald Falcon and his lieutenant, Renee Hildegarde. The head of the Drachen Meister Cult, Raphael Dubaku, holds a get-together that night to make himself seem benevolent, but Queen Violet and the head of the Queen's Guard, Trish, know otherwise. New Palace receptionist Daphne is acting suspiciously and Keltora is keeping a huge secret.
[[Image:|150px]] Edge Writer: Director: #2
Renee continues her restless pursuit of the Drachen Meister Cult to figure out their plans. Her suspicion quickly falls upon Lawrence and Keltora. Meanwhile, Scarlett begins asking very strange questions to Violet and Trish, as Rachel decides that she should leave New Saxony.
[[Image:|150px]] Pursuit Writer: Director: #3
Renee has finally had enough of Keltora and Lawrence's lies, and takes things into her own hands despite objections from Gerald. Rachel has a strange encounter with an intriguing dragoness with an attitude, but is overwhelmed when Liam provides her with an unforgettable opportunity.
[[Image:|150px]] Garnet Writer: Director: #4
Renee is rescued by the Ramharts, and brought in on the big operation. As they unravel the mysteries of what has occurred in the past few days, Joel and Renee's cousin Madison begin to act strangely after being sprayed with a mysterious red fluid. Scarlett continues rummaging around the Palace and Keltora follows around Oribella under Lawrence's orders.
[[Image:|150px]] Aurum Writer: Director: #5
Keltora is held captive by Aurum to teach her respect, and Oribella is unhappy with the treatment but is unwilling to face her father. Meanwhile, Scarlett goes after the Cult and is rescued by a friendly face.
[[Image:|150px]] Paladin Writer: Director: #6
A religious zealot decides that the best way to deal with the extremism of the Cult is to turn everyone extremist as well. Violet realizes her security forces may be compromised, while Daphne finds herself in a very heated position when things take a turn for the worse.
[[Image:|150px]] Advancement Writer: Director: #7
A very scientifically-advanced device is stolen from a research lab in the United States by the Meisters, and the head scientist follows the trail to Rosenstadt; she makes it very clear that in the wrong hands, it could destroy the capital city entirely. Meanwhile, Aurum continues to pressure his daughter into leaving New Saxony and returning to their family.
[[Image:|150px]] Sitter Writer: Director: #8
Valerian and Samantha are pulled into a scenario that requires their son Alaunus be babysat, and the only people available aren't exactly suitable for the job. Geoff doesn't know how to handle children, Madison isn't patient enough and Trish can't stop talking about her favorite childhood story.
[[Image:|150px]] Mutiny Writer: Director: #9
The Drachen Meisters have invaded the Palace and taken Queen Violet hostage. Valerian and Samantha try to hatch a plan to stop everything from the inside, while Scarlett conspires with Rose to hatch a plan from the outside. Meanwhile, Keltora meets up with Rachel and her new, handsome dragon Jayanta.
[[Image:|150px]] Barrier Writer: Director: #10
Valerian somehow survives his fall from the Palace and gathers his espionage team once more, with the new additions of Rachel and Madison. Meanwhile, Gerald is trying to figure out what Renee is up to, and Violet has to deal with the fallout of the attack by the Cult. Scarlett tries to figure out who betrayed the Queen to Raphael.
[[Image:|150px]] Soirée Writer: Director: #11
Britteny holds a party at her house in celebration of the successes against the Cult. Samantha and Valerian blame Scarlett for everything that has happened, but she is defended by Lawrence. Raphael finds a new target for the Cult to go after.
[[Image:|150px]] Identity Writer: Director: #12
Madison is attacked by the Red-Cloaked figure, and decides to help Lawrence figure out their true identity. Scarlett has had enough lies, and hunts down the truth for herself. She visits the home of Senator Kurt Scoffield, who finally reveals why she's a scapegoat and the true identity of the fabled Science Brigade of New Saxony. Meanwhile, the Cult prepares their next attack, and Keltora cannot get over her infatuation with Aranoire.
[[Image:|150px]] Brigade Writer: Director: #13
Scarlett is shocked and at a loss after learning the truth about her mother, Shannon O'Hara. After a tip from Madison, she hunts Shannon down and forces her to reveal her motives. Meanwhile, Keltora decides to get what she wants from Aranoire, and the whereabouts of the powerful nuclear bomb is finally revealed as Trish and Gerald infiltrate a popular nightclub while hunting down Cult members.
[[Image:|150px]] Martyr Writer: Director: #14
Renee takes command of the Royal Police after the events of the previous night, while Valerian and Samantha make deals with the Cult to keep their family intact. Meanwhile, Keltora continues her adventurous affair with Aranoire and unfortunately lets herself a little too loose with the other dragons that populate the area. Queen Violet finally discovers what Scarlett and Daphne have been hiding since the beginning of the crisis.
[[Image:|150px]] Carrousel Writer: Director: #15
In order to learn more about the strange dragon beasts owned by Raphael, Lawrence enters himself and Keltora in a dangerous fighting arena known as Carrousel. The two struggle to keep strong during the intense fighting, and things only get worse when Keltora realizes who she has to defeat in order to win; Oribella.
[[Image:|150px]] Medium Writer: Director: #16
Renee is being haunted by visions of Gerald, and the stress is affecting her ability to lead the investigation, tempting her to compromise her own beliefs. Valerian and Samantha are found out by Rachel, and Liam is cornered by Scarlett and forced to reveal the truth of his involvement the past six years.
[[Image:|150px]] Paragon Writer: Director: #17
Trish leads a new investigation when a horrific bio-lab is discovered in the suburbs of Rosenstadt. The Cult has been creating morphing creatures the likes of which nobody has ever seen, and she courageously takes charge in apprehending or eliminating every single one, even at the cost of her own life.
[[Image:|150px]] Quartet Writer: Director: #18
Keltora and Aranoire enlist the help of the arrogant Oribella and apprehensive Jayanta in figuring out the true identities of the dragons in the Cult. The four of them follow and fight against the beasts until they discover what they really are. Now, it's just a matter of them escaping with their lives so they can share the information with their human Masters.
[[Image:|150px]] Hydrated Writer: Director: #19
Janice Brown is caught by a strange, sorcerous goop and is given the ability to turn into water, but her lack of control of the ability gets her into dangerous situations the likes of which Lawrence, Scarlett and Daphne may be unable to rescue her from. Meanwhile, Violet has had enough of Renee's conflicted frame of mind, and Raphael puts the final pieces of his plot together.
[[Image:|150px]] Masquerade Writer: Director: #20
A duo of strange, sexy assassins seem to be following Violet to various events all over the city, and innocent individuals are being killed. However, the identities of these assassins come to a shock to all the characters who can't seem to be able to distinguish friend from foe. Meanwhile, Renee starts to take things into her own hands.
[[Image:|150px]] Scaleskins Writer: Director: #21
The shapeshifting beasts of the Cult go on a rampage to destroy the NSRP, but the Protectors and their loyal dragons are there to stop them. Meanwhile, Scarlett and Lawrence take the next step in their relationship, while Keltora takes a step back from hers.
[[Image:|150px]] Beloved Writer: Director: #22
Scarlett is kidnapped by Carmen and forced to do incredibly horrific experiments, but manages to escape. Her fiancé, Lawrence, and her half-sister Madison go after her, but soon discover she doesn't want to be found until she finally gets the information she wants from Cynthia Gladwyn. Raphael is captured by the NSRP and brought to his knees before Queen Violet.
[[Image:|150px]] Ultimatum Writer: Director: #23
The Cult, in retaliation for Raphael's capture, reveal the location of the nuclear bomb and threaten to destroy all of Rosenstadt if their three conditions aren't met; the release of Raphael, the resignation of Violet and the surrender of Scarlett. Samantha, Liam and Madison try to stop the detonation, while Trish and Valerian try to stop the killing of the hostages in Corona Square. Meanwhile, Scarlett and Joel are fleeing from Carmen, and one of them makes an incredibly courageous move to try and stop her.
[[Image:|150px]] Spectacle Writer: Director: #24
Scarlett manages to escape to Corona Square, just in time to relay the location of the bomb. But with only minutes remaining before detonation, an incredible sacrifice is made by one of the characters at the last moment that changes the course of New Saxony forever.


Primary Characters

Scarlett Aerona (24 chapters)
Lawrence Lucine (23 chapters)
Valerian Ramhart (19 chapters)
Samantha Ramhart (17 chapters)
Renee Hildegarde (23 chapters)
Liam Salopree (16 chapters)
Keltora (24 chapters)
Raphael Dubaku (16 chapters)
Madison O'Hara (15 chapters)
Rachel Tapas (17 chapters)
Trish Harcott (21 chapters)
Joel Goldman (18 chapters)
Violet Swann (18 chapters)
Gerald Falcon (12 chapters)
Geoff Heiden (17 chapters)
Daphne Michaels (19 chapters)
with Jayanta (16 chapters)
and Oribella (16 chapters)

Secondary Characters

Chase Steward (15 chapters)
Britteny Ambra (13 chapters)
Janice Brown (11 chapters)
Jon Quinn (9 chapters)
Bill Warden (6 chapters)
Zara Lucine (4 chapters)
Cynthia Gladwyn (2 chapters)
Shannon O'Hara (1 chapter)
with Carmen Leung (12 chapters)
and Kurt Scoffield (5 chapters)


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